Camila Orozco

Colombian Visual Artist, in the search of beauty and truth. Work with analogic and digital photography, intervention on photography with different techniques as pointillism or collage. Also work with video, documentary and fiction, new media, and these last years’ technology has become an ally. Nature and the body are main subjects in my narrative. Through my work, I search the communion with the whole. I aim to create those moments that express continues human search for truth and meanings, passing through confinement to absolute freedom. Visual arts are my way of apprehending the world, understanding the relationship between the body, the mind, and the self, between the mythical and the real, between the conscious and the unconscious exploring shallows and shadows while lighting up the beauty. I’m in a constant need to symbolise human experience, transcending physical through physical itself. In that sense, my creations become my way of communicating with existence — a way to inhabit the thousand possibilities that oneself can hold.

Currently living and working in Spain