Camila Orozco

In the name of the body

(Video - Photography)

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The divine, the cosmic, and the human condition jointly compose the natural habitat of our specie. Religion, science, and politics are the spheres in which humans embark in their search for truth, knowledge, and freedom. However, this search has deviated. We have created an artificial system where individuals feel lost and forgotten, devoid of a relationship with the divine, with nature, or with humanity itself. Throughout this search, we have punished and mistreated our main instrument: our body. We have set it apart, feeding a fateful duality, Body/Soul, Human/Nature, Female/Male. There is an exile from the body, and by returning to it we can manage to return to the true human experience. This journey explores the body as an intercultural space where life happens. The body is a living organism, a tool of perception and knowledge that links us to life and its mysteries. The body is not a human accident, it’s the substance of the human form, ready to be used as a cone tool for knowledge and liberation, but also a tuning antenna for understanding the humanity that surrounds us and the nature that sustains us. The body is a primordial consciousness previous to any concept; it is a connection with and piece of the earth. In its movement, it is a beat that vibrates on earth, which feeds back. In its silence, it is a chain of experiences that breaks into oblivion. The body as an organism that keeps the spectacle of life constantly alive.

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