Camila Orozco

Roots of silence

(Installation - Photography)

“ …Look, the trees

 are turning their own bodies

 into pillars of light…” M.O

“ …Look, the trees

 are turning their own bodies

 into pillars of light…” M.O

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Listening leads to an understanding of what endures.

Presence and silence, as support: Breathe, and in this simple act a recognition of life. Breathing as an act of observation, as a tool of understanding. The air enters and leaves and suddenly that place that is inhabited appears multidimensional. It is no longer the observer and space, it is the observer in the space, the observer through space, the observer being space.

Entering the forests cultivating this listening led me to the understanding of a unique language. There is a specific nature in these large organisms, in these different living communities called Forests. There is a movement that counts time, a time that builds a rhythm, a rhythm that establishes an order, and order which manifests a perfect balance.

In this active observation it is no longer a single eye that perceives. The physical eye expands, the mental eye is released from judgment while the spiritual one summons a wisdom that underlies the physical, the phenomenological, thus diluting an apparent separation evidencing the confluence of the absent.

These high tribes, of mountain, of hill, of plain, of sea, these intelligent and wild families, interconnected and lonely at the same time, show us that knowledge is relationship and wisdom is interconnection.


Perennial philosophy speaks to us of three different ways of approaching reality through the physical eye, which perceives the material, concrete world; the eye of the mind that perceives the conceptual and symbolic; and the eye of contemplation that perceives the transcendental, the spiritual.

Although present in all, these three ways of perception must go their way. As a first encounter, it is the eye of flesh that perceives that sensitive, material world; As I inhabit this concrete world, the eye of the mind wakes up and relates, defines, creates ideas, concepts and values, but if one goes beyond a concept and its definition, then that contemplative eye wakes up, where the transpersonal fades boundaries and my understanding of reality becomes broader and more active.

An active look holds all three eyes wide open at the same time. Beyond that representative world of the form, beyond its concept, is also the presence of the absent. A transcendental perception always illuminates a new aspect of reality. The sensitive, the intelligible and the transcendent working together towards the discovery of what surrounds us, of what inhabits us, of who we are.


 Their silenced wisdom contains a movement that, under observation, outlines the human. Arboreal communities help and sustain themselves between roots, winds, scents, and seeds.

A tree itself could not survive on its own, it alone is not a forest, although it contains its potential wisdom is in a community that blooms. Together they are guardians of species, water, and soil; together, they take care of themselves. They generate microclimates that create a balance between polarities, hot and cold, dry and damp; they detect diseases and heal them on time, so they grow tall, old, and wise.

Layers of knowledge interweave their axis, human and biological engravings that reveal an interconnected story between the centuries, between us. When we turn our eyes towards them, their axis has a direct impact on our own justify, our spine, life force channel, an alive path in constant projection towards the justify of the earth, and the highest of the heavens. We feel similar and inseparable to these structures of nature that remind us that as a collective, we enhance life.