Camila Orozco

The body as a consequence


“The landscape thinks itself in me, and I am its consciousness.” Cézanne

The body is reflected in the world and the world is reflected in the same body.

When we decide to inhabit a space we open to the possibility of remembering our constant participation in the world. At the moment when we undress in front of space, shedding all ideas and rational attachments, we lend our emotions and associations to space and it lends us its aura which emancipates perceptions and visions, making the body a place of reference, imagination, and integration, thus announcing our experience as corporeal and spiritual beings. We use our capacity to feel and become one with the space, letting it inhabit us so that the corporeity transforms and communicates. There is no body without space and there is no space that does not need a body to extend and connive in infinity. There is a sense of reality that only the relationship between body and space can manifest. Dwelling is an act of responsibility because in its occurrence is the encounter with the true being.